Before cancelling your proxies, please refer to this article for information on troubleshooting proxies. We are happy to work with you  on any issues you are facing with your proxies whether it is issues with functionality or perhaps financial costs. 


If you are certain you would like to cancel your proxies, there are two methods available for you to do so. Please see the methods listed below:

Cancelling Through The Proxy Dashboard:

  1. Login to your proxy dashboard here.
  2. Select "Upgrade Your Plan" under "Manage Plan":
  3. Click on the red Cancel button:
  4. A warning will pop up. You will then enter your cancellation reason, then click 'Yes, please cancel my proxies':

Cancelling Through The Client Area:

  1. The client area can be accessed through the link here

  2. You will then click 'Services':

  3. You will then find the active service you are looking to cancel:

  4. You can then click 'Request Cancellation' here:

  5. On the next page, you will enter your cancellation reason, then click 'Request Cancellation':