This article addresses:

  • Proxies not showing up in your proxy dashboard
  • Dead Proxies 

NOTE: There is a difference between the proxies actually being completely dead (not loading any websites at all), and the proxies being blocked by a particular website, but not ‘dead’.

Steps to diagnose proxy issues:

1. Is your PC/Device IP authorized in the proxy dashboard?

This can be checked following this article: How do I authorize my proxies?

Additionally, you go to the browser and access to verify what your IP address is.  (Taking a screen capture of this so that you can send that in with a support ticket if you proceed to the other steps but still have issues, would be helpful.)

Once you confirm that your IPs are authorized and you’ve waited 30 minutes for authorization to complete, then continue to step 2.

2. Are all proxies loaded into your account dashboard?

If yes, then proceed to step 3

If no, it is possible that we are temporarily out of stock for the location(s) you selected. This does not happen often, but it can occur if we recently received an unexpectedly large order. We typically have new stock within 24-48 hours, so if that time frame is acceptable for you then hold tight! We’ll add them to your account as soon as they are replenished.

However, if your needs are more urgent, then you should change your locations to ‘mixed’ in the Location Preferences tab in the proxy dashboard. Setting to Mixed location will provide better subnet diversity, which is the best thing when connecting to websites. You will spread across more ISPs, ASNs, and A+B+C class subnets. 

Your proxies will all load within 5-10 minutes, and you’ll be back in business in less time than it takes to run out for a Big Mac and fries.

3. Do your proxies access other websites, but not your preferred website?

Great news!  Your proxies are not dead. Unfortunately, this means that you may have a more challenging problem for your use case: The website you are trying to access with your proxies is banning or blocking them for some reason. Please read this article on what to do when proxies do now work on all web sites.

We also offer one free replacement of IPs every 30 days, which you can learn more about in the knowledge base article about replacing proxies.

4. I’ve replaced my proxies, but they still aren’t working on my preferred website!

Unfortunately, if a website is blocking the proxies from accessing their site because of their site security, yet the proxy still works on other sites, then there is little we can do with that particular proxy. 

But wait - you have more options!  You can try different proxy locations, various types of proxies (e.g. switch from semi-dedicated to dedicated, give IPv6 a whirl, or go big and get a premium proxy).