There is a difference between proxies being dead/inactive, proxies blocked by certain websites and proxies that are not able to connect due to incorrect configuration. 

Possible Causes

Proxy Authorization

  • Issues with connectivity can be due to the proxies being incorrectly configured. With this, kindly head over to our other article for a full guide on how to authorize proxies.

Are my proxies still on my account?

  • Once you have made sure that your proxies are properly authorized, kindly check if the proxy or proxies that you are using are still active on your account. Instances where the proxies are removed by accident through downgrade or replacement could happen. The system will also provide a new set of proxies if the service is paid beyond due date. Thus it is important that you make sure that the proxies that you are using are still on your proxy dashboard. 
  • If you determine that the proxies are indeed no longer on your account, you can contact our support team to see if they can restore them for you. Otherwise, you can make use of your current active proxies.

Check if you can access other websites

  • If you are able to access other sites, unfortunately, the proxies that you are having issues with may have been banned by your target websites. You can check our support article for more information on why proxies do not work on some sites.
  • In this case, there is nothing that we can do for those proxies. We recommend that you have them replaced instead. You can conveniently replace your proxies through the replacement section of your dashboard.

Do I have the right proxy type?

  • After going through the above steps, you should reconsider if the package that you have is suitable for your use-case. You can try different proxy locations, various types of proxies (e.g. switch from semi-dedicated to dedicated, give IPv6 a whirl, or go big and get ISP or residential proxies).
    1. Dedicated
    2. Semi-dedicated
    3. Rotating
    4. IPv6
    5. ISP (Residential Static)
    6. Residential Rotating


We cannot guarantee 100% success on any use-case. However, having the right type of proxies as what your use-case requires will provide you with better results. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you need further help in choosing which proxy type will work best for you.