How do I set up my residential rotating proxy?

We have made a business decision to give our customers only what they need:  successfully loaded pages (no bans, no timeouts, no captchas, etc). Therefore, in order to use our rotating residential proxies, you must use our system called Proxy Pilot. Please read more on how to use Proxy Pilot here:

Are your proxies ethically sourced?

Yes! Unlike some of our competitors who leave their sourcing methods vague and unclear, we are open and honest... as it should be.

We primarily source from our partner product We also source from other vendors who meet our standard of ethics which requires them to compensate end users for the bandwidth sold. 

With CashRaven, we create a mutually agreeable contract with end-users, or developers, that provides clear and consistent messaging on "what" end users are really signing up for. We intend to hide nothing!

Read more about our Ethics on this page:

What websites and use cases do you allow on your network?

We currently work most closely with data scraping companies that wish to aggregate publicly available data at scale using our residential proxy network. However, if you feel that your use case is legal and ethical, please contact and we would be happy to assess whether or not your use case would be allowed in our network.

How can I sign up?

We believe in a healthy ecosystem where customers (you) and end-user nodes (the residential IP) share in the benefit of this solution. Therefore, we require every customer to go through our vetting process to ensure they are a rit fit for our ethical network. 

Please fill out the form on this page to get in contact with one of our vetting specialists:

Do you allow geo-targeting for certain cities/regions/states/countries?

As of April 23, 2021, we do not have this functionality built-in. However, we have it on our backlog and will be implementing it as soon as possible!

How large is your proxy pool?

Our proxy pool fluctuates in size every day. For all small to medium-sized customers, our pool is plenty large enough to solve your needs (over 100,000 IPs). For Enterprise customers looking to do very large volumes, please reach out to us and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

Can I resell your residential rotating proxies?

We are considering resellers on a case-by-case basis, given our commitment to an ethical ecosystem. It is our utmost priority to ensure any customer that uses our network abides by the same vetting process we do for our customers. Please reach out if you believe you would be a candidate to resell our services, abiding by all of our vetting procedures listed here: