Dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies support SOCKS protocol.

For some websites and use-cases, you may need to switch from HTTP/HTTPS and instead use SOCKS protocol. We offer SOCKS protocol to assist with these specific use-cases. When using SOCKS, you are only able to use IP authorization as we currently do not offer username/password for SOCKS protocol. 

  1. Get your PC/Device's IP - To do this, open your web browser, and click this LINK
  2. Login to your IPv4 Proxy Dashboard
  3. Select 'Via IP', 'HTTP' in the Authorization Type section of your dashboard
  4. Enter your device IP in the Authorized IPs and then click 'Add IP'

*Video on how to use proxies in browser

  • It will usually take the system 5-10 minutes to authorize an IP. 
  • SOCKS Authorization uses the port 1080 with the proxies. 
  • Not recommended for users with dynamic IPs

You may also find the following video guides on how to use SOCKS protocol with Blazing SEO proxies in your browser.